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The Jessup Street Team

Brandon Bianchi

Brandon first became interested in automotive when he was 16 and blew the engine in his '97 Honda Civic. His Dad's friend owned a shop and Mike, the mechanic there, let him watch and learn as he did the engine replacement (we love that story so much!). He was instantly intrigued and still works with Mike on building and fixing cars. He currently has a 2000 Civic Hatchback that he's been building for 10+ years with the goal of making over 1000 horsepower in a 4-cylinder engine. He's speaking our language, for sure!

He's also fluent in customer service and tells us that one of the things that drew him into the Bullet family was being able to help people without breaking the bank. So, basically, he's our people! He also loves the positive and creative teamwork that goes on at Bullet and he's now been a part of that great energy for over a year.

When he's not at work keeping your vehicles on the road, he enjoys building his own cars--from racecars to off-road vehicles, rock crawling in his Jeep, traveling, the outdoors, and making memories with his wife Esperansa--just married in September! They have two dogs, Taz and Oliver, and are looking to eventually grow their family by at least 3 children. They both came from large families and they are looking forward to expanding it!

If you haven't met Brandon yet, stop into our Jessup location and chat him up. He's a ball of energy, so you'll rarely catch him sitting down, but he's friendly and fun, an amazing parts sourcer, a juggler of many tasks, and the guy you want in your corner if you need help with a vehicle problem. He thrives on the challenge and loves to make Bullet customers happy! 


Jordan Buss

Jordan didn't think he was all that into working on cars until he worked with his Dad on a 1972 'Cuda. Once he caught the bug, he started rebuilding vintage dirt bikes and then moved on to his own '66 Dodge pickup. He worked on diesels through high school and college, but he's most passionate about working on classic cars and hot rods, and that (well... and a move, and our small town, family vibe) is what brought him to Bullet.

In case you thought those dirt bikes were a thing of past (see what we did there?), they are definitely NOT. While Jordan doesn't have any more vintage bikes, he does ride his KX450 every chance he gets and he loves to play Rocket League--car soccer, anyone?

We're super excited to have Jordan on board. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge on all makes and models, a great attitude, and an easy smile. If you stop in, you might get a chance to catch up with him about his latest dirt biking adventure, or check out his 1969 Reliable Plumbing pickup with the hand painted phone number on the side--still works! 


John Thielen

John might be a recent addition to the Bullet team, but he's no stranger to automotive and diesel. As a little kid, he was gifted at taking things apart and putting them back together (just ask his folks), and that naturally led to rebuilding his first truck--a 1984 Ford F250 6.9 IDI--as a teenager. Though he doesn't still have that, he's currently working on a 2014 F250 6.7 with the goal of pushing a cool 700 horsepower out of it... nothing crazy.

John's had experience on both the automotive side with a well-known national chain and a dealership; and the diesel side with a smaller shop. He's had factory training and a lot of on-the-job training, from standard gassers to heavy line performance diesel builds, high horsepower engines (see above), and custom turbo kits. 

He chose automotive and diesel because, like us, he had a passion for restoring trust in the industry. He chose Bullet because he liked the family atmosphere and our common belief that folks should be treated with kindness and respect.

He's a family man, with a wife and one very energetic kiddo. When he's not at the shop, he enjoys building RC crawlers and short course trucks, 4-wheeling with his Toyota and his Jeep (he's speaking your language, a whole bunch of y'all!), hunting and shooting, and camping with his family and friends. 

He'd like to buy a big chunk of land in Wyoming someday (we agree!), but until then he's enjoying hanging around with us and providing you with great service. If you're having work done at the Jessup location, odds are you'll run into him. Chat him up about your diesel perfomance needs. He's got the answers!

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