ASE Certified Automotive Technician

We are a busy and established, family owned, full-service auto repair shop with a 5-star reputation and a great customer base looking for a team player to join the best bunch of mechanics and service writers this side of the Mississippi.


If you have the following:

  • Side appliance repair business in the works;

  • Current employer you are not ready to leave;

  • A preference for referring to customers, friends, and your Grandma as “bro”;

  • A desire to make $25 an hour with no previous experience;

  • An inability to pass a drug test;

  • An inability to pass a background check;

  • An inability to email a resume;

  • An inability to show up for an interview;

  • An inability to write your own name or complete a job application in full, especially if your wife or girlfriend (or husband, or boyfriend, or significant other) has to complete it for you;

  • NO tools and NO toolbox;

  • A history of moving from job to job frequently;

  • Beef with all of your former employers, mostly for treating you poorly;

  • References for whom phone numbers and email addresses no longer work or who will never respond:

  • An unreliable car, or bicycle, or motorcycle, or bus schedule;

  • A crazy ex-girlfriend (or ex-boyfriend, or current girlfriend, or current boyfriend, or wife, or husband, or significant other) who ties up your day with text messages, phone calls and emergencies;

  • 50 excuses for being late to work on the daily;

  • The desire to get rich quick with little to no effort; and/or

  • A prima donna attitude;


PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. Seriously. Just don’t.


If, however, you are a tenacious, motivated, get ‘er done kind of a person; if you:


  • Figure it out when no one else can;

  • Find that no challenge is too difficult for you;

  • Love customers and appreciate being able to really assist with automotive-related problems;

  • Treat customers like you would treat your neighbor, your friend and your Grandma (assuming your neighbor, your friend, and your Grandma are all really good people);

  • Are able to handle brakes, suspension, A/C, diagnosis, drive-ability, general repairs and routine maintenance (electrical and welding and fabrication are a bonus!);

  • Are able to run two lifts and crank out work independently, with a desire to grow shop volume while producing quality work;

  • Are willing to teach, train and develop others;

  • Know how to utilize technology (including tablets, computers, YouTube and every other imaginable tool in the information age) to solve problems and track work;

  • Have your own tools and toolbox (for real, not the starter set, the just-enough-to-get-through-school set, the hand-me-down from your Uncle set or the Step 2 for toddlers set);

  • Have a proven work history of at least 3 years, with employers who would love to have you back and will happily tell us how incredible you are;

  • Have a reliable car (or other transportation mechanism that can get you to work every day despite rain, snow, sleet or hail, or traffic issues, or road construction or slow tractors on Highway 7);

  • Can pass a drug test, a background test, and have a clean driving record;

  • Have a list of employment-related references with working phone numbers and email addresses who are willing and able to respond and provide input as to your capabilities;

  • Are a hard worker, with a desire to earn based on your time- and experience-honed skillset and effort;

  • Are a constant learner; and

  • Are looking to be part of a fun, exciting, energetic team that is going places;


We would LOVE to talk to you! We do understand that we’re looking for a mythical beast, and finding you is a one in a million shot. But we’re willing to gamble.


Pay is based on experience, including ASE and manufacturer certifications. If you really are the mythical beast we are looking for, we are willing to pay mythical beast salary!

We Offer...

  • Opportunity for advancement

  • Monday through Friday work week, weekends off

  • State of the art equipment

  • Family-Owned Business

  • Ongoing Training and Development

  • ASE Reimbursement

  • Paid Uniforms

  • Paid Holidays

  • Paid Vacation

  • Supplemental Health Insurance

  • Dental/Vision

  • 401K Plan

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Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $24.00 to $34.00/hour (over $100k/year potential at flag rate

for the right person)