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Bullet Automotive specializes in big shop automotive know-how with a small-town vibe. Your car is a part of everything you do and finding someone you can trust is a top priority. Here at Bullet, we don’t want to just fix your car and send you on your way. Our goal is to be your mechanic for life. That’s why we are laser-focused on fully understanding what your car needs, fixing your car reliably every time and providing honest, excellent service.

Meet The Management Team

Sean Corbin

With a dyed-in-the-wool love of all things automotive since childhood (more likely since birth), and over 25 years of experience in the industry, our favorite Car Whisperer, Sean Corbin, is the Owner, Chief Operations Officer, and Lead Technician at Bullet Automotive.  Sean has done everything there is to do in Automotive Repair, from turning wrenches to recruiting fleet services, service writing, store management, and providing oversight for multiple stores in the region--driving sales and increasing customer satisfaction, no matter his title.


He always loved automotive, but longed to open his own Automotive Repair Shop and create an environment where honesty and integrity were king, and where his customers felt like family. He birthed the Bullet Automotive vision and, since 2013, has devoted his mechanic skills, operations experience, sales ability, customer service knowledge and business acumen to making Bullet a different kind of automotive experience. 


He and his wife, Stephanie, partner in life and in business, and he's got five great kids and nine grandchildren (whooooooo.... can you believe it?!?). Sean is a people person, which you definitely know if you've ever met him--he has truly never met a stranger--and the Bullet Automotive family grows every day. He has received multiple accolades for his quality of work, professionalism, courtesy, and just being an all around nice guy!


Stephanie Corbin

Stephanie is the Owner, Chief Executive Officer, and head vision caster at Bullet Automotive. Though she has spent the past twenty-five years in corporate IT, she is no stranger to automotive, especially Bullet. From Bullet's inception (in 2013, with Sean, at ChickFilA, on a napkin--true story), she has been driving strategy, overseeing property acquisitions, implementing operating procedures, managing budgeting and payroll, squaring away IT needs, handling HR, and generally keeping all back office aspects of the business running smoothly. 

She recently left the corporate world to step into CEO shoes full-time. A Colorado native, Stephanie is excited about delivering honest, transparent automotive service across the Front Range.


Stephanie has a business degree from Baylor University (yep, she loves Texas too!), and she brings her business acumen, many years of corporate and volunteer management experience (ask her sometime about music festivals and what it takes to host over 25,000 attendees!) to Bullet's executive team.

When Stephanie isn't at the shop or working on Bullet's next steps, she loves spending time with her family, traveling, watching UFC, reading (Brené Brown is a favorite!) and photography. 


Meet The Bridge Street Team

Brandon Morgan

Brandon joined the Bullet team full time in October of 2020, after graduating from Grand Canyon University with an Accounting degree. He's not new to Bullet, though. His experience goes back to the mobile days, before we opened the Bridge location, when he worked summers as a mechanic's apprentice. While he was hitting the books in Phoenix, he was still working for us part time helping with some behind the scenes fun. You have probably seen his handiwork on Facebook and Instagram as he was our resident Social Media guru. We were lucky enough to steal him away from a lucrative management career with a well-known parcel service, we immediately put him to work managing our Jessup location and he now oversees both of our Brighton locations!

His love for automotive began when he was just a wee lad, with an addiction to Hot Wheels, both collecting and racing. If you've been to the shop, and if you've met Sean, you know that the collecting bug runs in the family! His interest really piqued when he got his first full-sized vehicle--a lifted 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ that saw some great offroading and a little bit of mountain climbing. With his next car, a 1986 Fox Body Mustang, he got into the wild and wacky world of aftermarket parts and when he sold that (to Sean, of course), he picked up a cool 2007 turbocharged mazdaspeed 3 in red--equal parts law enforcement magnet and great modification opportunity (why no... no speed mods, why do you ask?).

Brandon brings his affinity for both the aesthetic and mechanical sides of automotive, as well as his hands-on mechanic experience, and is excited to be part of the Bullet team because he loves the small business/family atmosphere (yep, even working with his Dad). He's up for the daily challenge and thinks having a highly motivated team around him that's ready to tackle the toughest automotive issues (we don't call Sean "The Car Whisperer" for nothing) is a blast. He's also very focused on ensuring that all Bullet customers are treated fairly and honestly--he's committed to the vision of making every customer a customer for life.

If you stop in to either Brighton location, he'll be the one at the front with the heated jacket and the can-do attitude. If you have a chance, ask him about his tattoos and his favorite vegetable, cauliflower! He'd love to tell you about them! 


Jesse Bargas

Jesse's parents realized he had a way with tools when, at the age of two (2!), he disassembled his father's shed and began disassembling and reassembling his toys. At the ripe old age of eight (8!), he built his first gas powered scooter using a chainsaw engine. Shortly thereafter, he realized it didn't have enough power and upgraded to a lawnmower engine... he's an innovator, that one, and a speed junkie after our own hearts!

When he was 16, he moved on to bigger toys and purchased a 1993 Ford Mustang. He's spent the years since then (yep, he still has it!) upgrading it and customizing it and we commend him on his great taste in motor vehicles. While in High School, Jesse joined SkillsUSA-VICA, went to Nationals and brought home a gold medal for his automotive and welding prowess. Naturally, from there he jumped into the automotive repair industry with both feet and has been wrenching ever since. 

We've known Jesse a long time, even though he's a recent addition to the Bullet Automotive team. He is a wizard when it comes to automotive problem solving and he enjoys keeping people on the road safely. He is a family-oriented guy and the Bullet family environment was a big part of his decision to come aboard.

When he's not in the shop taking on all of the challenges we throw at him, he loves gardening, being outdoors, gold prospecting (we are looking forward to learning more from him on this front) and hanging out with his family.


You'll know him when you see him because he always has a big smile, a great attitude, and a knack for explaining exactly what's going on with your vehicle in a clear, straightforward way. Let's just say that between his vast automotive knowledge and his kind, honest delivery, you'll know you're in good hands.


Katelea Smith

Katelea has been an automotive junkie since she was five. Her Dad had a 1972 Chevy Malibu that he converted to a Chevelle SS and she was always in the shop with him. He had the racing bug, and she got an early education on the race, break, fix, repeat cycle. She now finds herself following in his footsteps, with her weekends spent hanging out at the track, going to car meets, or spending long nights in the garage working on her own 1996 Nissan 240SX drift car. 

Her favorite automotive memory is of she and her boyfriend towing her car to Arizona for a car show. The night before the show they met another couple from Colorado who were vinyl installers. They helped install her new banner in the rain and, although she didn't win anything, she was excited to make new friends and caravan back to Colorado together.

In her downtime, she loves to spend time with family and friends and she's found a way to marry her passions for photography and automotive. She's photographed everything from family portraits to weddings, but her favorite subjects, by far, are cars. She's done solo car session, clubs/crews/teams, car shows and racing events. If she's at a car event, she's got her camera with her!

She's known us for quite awhile now (she went to school with Sean and Stephanie's kids), so joining the Bullet family was a natural next step for her after serving this great nation in the United States Marine Corps. She's a ray of sunshine and she has a big heart. In fact, she's been a victim's advocate for children in abuse/neglect situations and she's working on finishing her Psychology degree to continue down that path. 

At Bullet, she genuinely finds joy in helping folks. She works hard to understand each customer's needs and find the best solution. We love her sunny disposition, her big smile, and her get it done attitude. We're so glad to have her on the team. If you stop in at our Bridge location, ask her about her ability to track troop movements and resources for thousands of Marines, and thank her for her service! 


Meet The Jessup Street Team

Josh Taddicken

Josh has been around cars and trucks since he was in diapers! Both of his uncles are ASE technicians, so they taught him early (and taught him a lot!). In high school, he took automotive and welding, went right into wrenching, and has been in the industry ever since.

Though his automotive-related memories date back almost to birth, his favorite memory is working for an SCCA Racing Team. He enjoyed the track time a ton--we can't say we blame him! And? He's a Jack of all trades. In addition to being at the track and building his own Civic SI, he loves to barbecue, cook, go 4-wheeling in the mountains, spend time with his family, work on his house (it's a fixer upper--we know he's up for the job!), and someday he'd like to buy a motorhome and travel the states (us, too!).

Josh has a passion for fixing things that break and he's excellent at explaining how to do it. He's also a people person. In fact, he was told once upon a time that he should be a counselor. We're so glad he brought that technical knowledge and excellent people service skills to Bullet instead (so are our customers--see how many of those 5-star reviews mention his name!)! If you haven't met him yet, stop in at our Jessup shop and say hello. You'll be glad you did!


Jordan Buss

Jordan didn't think he was all that into working on cars until he worked with his Dad on a 1972 'Cuda. Once he caught the bug, he started rebuilding vintage dirt bikes and then moved on to his own '66 Dodge pickup. He worked on diesels through high school and college, but he's most passionate about working on classic cars and hot rods, and that (well... and a move, and our small town, family vibe) is what brought him to Bullet.

In case you thought those dirt bikes were a thing of past (see what we did there?), they are definitely NOT. While Jordan doesn't have any more vintage bikes, he does ride his KX450 every chance he gets and he loves to play Rocket League--car soccer, anyone?

We're super excited to have Jordan on board. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge on all makes and models, a great attitude, and an easy smile. If you stop in, you might get a chance to catch up with him about his latest dirt biking adventure, or check out his 1969 Reliable Plumbing pickup with the hand painted phone number on the side--still works! 


Bill Joyce

Bill's affinity for automotive started in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (just one Hill, not multiple Hills), when he got his first car--a 1976 Mustang Cobra II--and his buddy got a 1970 Mach 1. That summer, the two built a paint booth in the backyard, where they stripped and painted the Mach 1. Though environmental regs would prevent such entrepreneurial undertakings now, that get it done attitude is one of the many talents that made us happy to bring Bill aboard--that, and his obvious great taste in cars.

After high school, he worked for Ford as a technician and later joined the United States Marine Corps, where he served our great nation in southeast Asia. Bill worked in clandestine amphibious operations with the Special Operations Training Group. Though we aren't sure exactly what that means (he could probably tell us, but then he'd have to kill us), we've always known he's a badass, and we are deeply grateful for his service.

Evidently clandestine amphibious operations wasn't quite exciting enough, and he went on to join the LAPD where he served for nine years, including beach detail in Venice Beach. He has lots of great stories from his time in LA, but his favorite car-related story is about a high-speed chase on Thanksgiving Day that left engines hot and their turkey dinner cold (nope, nothing to do with a Ford Bronco...).

Bill moved to Colorado with his wife and young family for the lower cost of living (yes, that actually WAS a thing once upon a time) and eventually traded his police officer's uniform for a tool belt. He was killing it over in the remodeling and construction industry when we convinced him to come work for us. He brought his amazing sense of humor, mechanical aptitude, technical skill, Jersey accent, and attention to detail to the team and has been working hard to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our work ever since. He's always been a servant-hearted guy and believes strongly in helping his fellow man (and woman). His favorite thing about being a part of the Bullet team (besides working with Sean, of course) is having the opportunity to get folks back on the road quickly and honestly.

He and his wife Julie are currently restoring a 1965 Mustang (told you... good taste!) and when he isn't at the shop playing with power tools he enjoys hunting, archery, and hanging out at the lake with his family. Next time you're in, ask him about some of his most amusing stories (he has a bunch) and thank him for his service. 


Tanner Detwiler

Tanner's passion for working on automotive and diesel started a long time ago. And he's got experience on things from lawn mowers and weed eaters to mining vehicles, engines so large you can stand inside of them, farm trucks, tractors, semis and every other diesel and gas-powered piece of equipment on the planet. He's been a part of a build team that put together two award-winning SEMA trucks, and knows his way around performance, too. He's built pulling trucks, race trucks and street trucks with more horsepower than you can shake a stick at.

In his off time, he has fun making custom decals and cups with his wife (her name starts with a T, also, so they're T-N-T!), hanging out with friends and family in the pool, and relaxing with a cold beer or a good glass of whiskey--right up our alley. He's definitely a family-oriented guy with two dogs, two kiddos and another one on the way. 

He's also busy with his own 2004 Dodge 2500 Cummins that can produce 1000 horsepower... you know, for those chill Sunday drives with the family OR for killing it at the track.

When he's at work, he enjoys being able to help people with everything from maintenance and standard repairs to custom builds, including upgrades that positively impact performance for the long haul. 

Tanner's been with us a few months now. He was excited to be a part of a strong team that's focused on delivering excellent, honest service and we were excited to have his expertise, even though we actually had to rearrange wiring and switches in the shop just to fit his toolboxes in there!

He's a great fit for our team and if you have diesel or peformance questions (if you're looking at his picture, you can see DIESEL is in his blood--right there on his arm!), he's definitely your guy.


Trevor Ryan

Trevor got started down the automotive road when he bought his first car--a 1996 Jeep Cherokee that he bought with the money he saved from his first job. It was a beater (he says it still is), but he enjoyed working on it with his Dad and it gets him from point A to point B!

He is currently attending the Colorado School of Mines and he's working towards his degree in Civil Engineering (he's a smartie, that one!), but he spends his breaks and summers with us. He enjoys learning about cars and honing his technical skills. He has also always been interested in physics and math, and automotive mechanics is heavily reliant on both! 

Trevor's favorite (or maybe most prominent) automotive memory is doing a brake flush with power steering fluid... oops. (Not at Bullet, folks!) In his off time, he takes advantage of Colorado's many hiking opportunities, he lifts weights, enjoys concerts and likes to read (good thing... we're guessing there's a LOT of reading at Mines!).

He fits right into the Bullet family atmosphere and we're happy to have him. If you happen to be at our Jessup location for an oil change this summer, chances are high that Trevor will be the one getting it done and you can count on his skill and engineering mindset to get it done right!


Meet The Fort Morgan Team

Tabitha Stratton

Tabitha has industry experience aplenty--she got her start doing service writing at an independent repair shop in Brush and then moved into precision farming and inventory management for a CaseIH dealership. So she knows a LOT about diesel trucks and tractors (and ALL of the farm equipment) and that (and her friendly, warm, get it done attitude) made her the perfect fit for our Fort Morgan shop.

She says she's been lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible mentors, both men and women, who have spent their lives dedicated to being the ones who can fix it, and it's that drive that makes her passionate about working in automotive and diesel.


Maybe even more than being driven, more than being passionate about the fixing, she's passionate about helping others. She tells the story of a little girl who stopped into her shop one day, in tears, because she had a flat tire on her bike. Her technician took the bike in, installed new tubes and slime (heavily discounted... to, you know, $0), and got her back on her way. That little girl brought a hand-made Thank You card the next day and dropped it at the shop. The joy of seeing her riding her bike home every day thereafter sticks with Tabitha many years later. 

In addition to being a people person, Tabitha is family-oriented. She is blessed to have a wonderful husband and two children. During her off time, she enjoys roller skating  and she's really good at it! (We're waiting to see the video evidence, but pretty much believe her. She's good at whatever she sets her mind to!)

Stop into our Fort Morgan shop if you have automotive, diesel (all of them--daily drivers, heavy duty, tractor/trailers), or farm equipment questions; if you love the smell of freshly baked cookies--she is diligent about the office smelling amazing; or if you just want to chat. She's a great listener, knows her stuff inside and out, and she works hard to make sure we can minimize your downtime in an honest, transparent way. 


Shaelon Barnum

Shaelon has enjoyed cars since he first popped the clutch on his Mom's Mitsubishi Eclipse and drove it into a cactus (whoops)... a long, long time ago. He has since developed a passion for automotive work, has put some serious time into working on his own truck (you'll know it when you hear it) and is excited about starting his career with the Bullet crew.

He joined Bullet because he likes the family atmosphere and we were happy to bring him into the fold. 

His dream car is a Toyota GT86 (we're not holding that against him, we'll just make him spend more time in the front office checking out the REAL dream cars), and he goes by Buckwheat. We didn't give him the nickname--he's had it for quite some time (it's even on the tailgate of  his truck), but we agree that it fits him. 

He's got quite a work ethic, and he's just generally a good guy. He'll do whatever we give him, with focus and a great attitude (and aptitude!), so you can be assured that you'll get his best when you bring your vehicle in.


Hank Fleener

Hank grew up racing motocross, worked at a power sports dealership in high school and then got his first truck... that he wanted to work on ALL the time. Boy, do we know how that it is!


That led to him becoming a diesel mechanic for the United States Marine Corps and becoming a certified welder. Pretty impressive.

So we were excited that Hank's first stop after the Marines was becoming a part of the Bullet Automotive team.


He brings a wealth of knowledge on both automotive and heavy duty equipment, and a passion for learning new things. He likes the fact that we work on it all, and it's never the same from day to day.


That variety carries over into his personal vehicles, as well. He's currently selling his 2012 Ram 2500 that he has loved working on to get an older truck. We're just spit-balling, but we're betting he'll be working on that one all the time, too!

Hank's also a family guy. He's married to Alyssa and they have 3 dogs... and a baby on the way. You'll find Hank working on just about anything we bring in the door. Be sure to say hello and thank him for his service--both on your vehicle and to our country!

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