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The Fort Morgan Team

Tabitha Stratton

Tabitha has industry experience aplenty--she got her start doing service writing at an independent repair shop in Brush and then moved into precision farming and inventory management for a CaseIH dealership. So she knows a LOT about diesel trucks and tractors (and ALL of the farm equipment) and that (and her friendly, warm, get it done attitude) made her the perfect fit for our Fort Morgan shop.

She says she's been lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible mentors, both men and women, who have spent their lives dedicated to being the ones who can fix it, and it's that drive that makes her passionate about working in automotive and diesel.


Maybe even more than being driven, more than being passionate about the fixing, she's passionate about helping others. She tells the story of a little girl who stopped into her shop one day, in tears, because she had a flat tire on her bike. Her technician took the bike in, installed new tubes and slime (heavily discounted... to, you know, $0), and got her back on her way. That little girl brought a hand-made Thank You card the next day and dropped it at the shop. The joy of seeing her riding her bike home every day thereafter sticks with Tabitha many years later. 

In addition to being a people person, Tabitha is family-oriented. She is blessed to have a wonderful husband and two children. During her off time, she enjoys roller skating  and she's really good at it! (We're waiting to see the video evidence, but pretty much believe her. She's good at whatever she sets her mind to!)

Stop into our Fort Morgan shop if you have automotive, diesel (all of them--daily drivers, heavy duty, tractor/trailers), or farm equipment questions; if you love the smell of freshly baked cookies--she is diligent about the office smelling amazing; or if you just want to chat. She's a great listener, knows her stuff inside and out, and she works hard to make sure we can minimize your downtime in an honest, transparent way. 

Tabitha Stratton - Ft Morgan Svc Mgr_edited.jpg

Shaelon Barnum

Shaelon has enjoyed cars since he first popped the clutch on his Mom's Mitsubishi Eclipse and drove it into a cactus (whoops)... a long, long time ago. He has since developed a passion for automotive work, has put some serious time into working on his own truck (you'll know it when you hear it) and is excited about starting his career with the Bullet crew.

He joined Bullet because he likes the family atmosphere and we were happy to bring him into the fold. 

His dream car is a Toyota GT86 (we're not holding that against him, we'll just make him spend more time in the front office checking out the REAL dream cars), and he goes by Buckwheat. We didn't give him the nickname--he's had it for quite some time (it's even on the tailgate of  his truck), but we agree that it fits him. 

He's got quite a work ethic, and he's just generally a good guy. He'll do whatever we give him, with focus and a great attitude (and aptitude!), so you can be assured that you'll get his best when you bring your vehicle in.

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