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The Bridge Street Team

Steve Puckett

If you've been by our Bridge location lately, you've probably seen Steve's friendly face. He has a way of putting everyone at ease and he knows his way around vehicle repairs, just two of the many reasons we were so happy he wanted to join our team. You can tell when you meet him that he's a lover of people and he really enjoys being able to help out in an honest, transparent way. So cool, because honesty and transparency are two of our core values!

Since April of 2023, he's been getting 'er done over there, and he's put his varied experiences (including being a Cuban linguist in the United States Air Force--he speaks Spanish fluently) to good use. In addition to serving his country, (thank you so much for your service, sir!) he's had plenty of experience in automotive, and also in I.T., the oil field, and the restaurant biz. He knows a lot about a lot!

When Steve isn't sourcing parts and keeping your vehicles reliably on the road, he is feeding horses, chickens, barn cats, and his dog on the ranch he and his wife own and operate. He really enjoys the ranch life (even the not-so-glamorous parts), fishing and hunting, occasionally working on his lawn tractor and spending time with his grown children and grandchildren.

If you happen to be in the area, or if your car's giving you trouble, pop into the Bridge location and visit with Steve. We know you'll like him just as instantly as we did, you'll definitely enjoy his excellent sense of humor, and, no matter the issue you're facing, he'll give you the straight skinny and work his face off to deliver excellent, timely service.


Jesse Bargas

Jesse's parents realized he had a way with tools when, at the age of two (2!), he disassembled his father's shed and began disassembling and reassembling his toys. At the ripe old age of eight (8!), he built his first gas powered scooter using a chainsaw engine. Shortly thereafter, he realized it didn't have enough power and upgraded to a lawnmower engine... he's an innovator, that one, and a speed junkie after our own hearts!

When he was 16, he moved on to bigger toys and purchased a 1993 Ford Mustang. He's spent the years since then (yep, he still has it!) upgrading it and customizing it and we commend him on his great taste in motor vehicles. While in High School, Jesse joined SkillsUSA-VICA, went to Nationals and brought home a gold medal for his automotive and welding prowess. Naturally, from there he jumped into the automotive repair industry with both feet and has been wrenching ever since. 

We've known Jesse a long time, even though he's a recent addition to the Bullet Automotive team. He is a wizard when it comes to automotive problem solving and he enjoys keeping people on the road safely. He is a family-oriented guy and the Bullet family environment was a big part of his decision to come aboard.

When he's not in the shop taking on all of the challenges we throw at him, he loves gardening, being outdoors, gold prospecting (we are looking forward to learning more from him on this front) and hanging out with his family.


You'll know him when you see him because he always has a big smile, a great attitude, and a knack for explaining exactly what's going on with your vehicle in a clear, straightforward way. Let's just say that between his vast automotive knowledge and his kind, honest delivery, you'll know you're in good hands.


Brandon Morgan

Brandon joined the Bullet team full time in October of 2020, after graduating from Grand Canyon University with an Accounting degree. He's not new to Bullet, though. His experience goes back to the mobile days, before we opened the Bridge location, when he worked summers as a mechanic's apprentice. While he was hitting the books in Phoenix, he was still working for us part time helping with some behind the scenes fun. You have probably seen his handiwork on Facebook and Instagram as he was our resident Social Media guru. We were lucky enough to steal him away from a lucrative management career with a well-known parcel service, we immediately put him to work managing our Jessup location and he now oversees both of our Brighton locations!

His love for automotive began when he was just a wee lad, with an addiction to Hot Wheels, both collecting and racing. If you've been to the shop, and if you've met Sean, you know that the collecting bug runs in the family! His interest really piqued when he got his first full-sized vehicle--a lifted 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ that saw some great offroading and a little bit of mountain climbing. With his next car, a 1986 Fox Body Mustang, he got into the wild and wacky world of aftermarket parts and when he sold that (to Sean, of course), he picked up a cool 2007 turbocharged mazdaspeed 3 in red--equal parts law enforcement magnet and great modification opportunity (why no... no speed mods, why do you ask?).

Brandon brings his affinity for both the aesthetic and mechanical sides of automotive, as well as his hands-on mechanic experience, and is excited to be part of the Bullet team because he loves the small business/family atmosphere (yep, even working with his Dad). He's up for the daily challenge and thinks having a highly motivated team around him that's ready to tackle the toughest automotive issues (we don't call Sean "The Car Whisperer" for nothing) is a blast. He's also very focused on ensuring that all Bullet customers are treated fairly and honestly--he's committed to the vision of making every customer a customer for life.

If you stop in to either Brighton location, he'll be the one at the front with the heated jacket and the can-do attitude. If you have a chance, ask him about his tattoos and his favorite vegetable, cauliflower! He'd love to tell you about them! 

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