You regularly maintain your brakes, engine and tires to extend the life of your vehicle. But did you know that keeping your car's interior and exterior well maintained is the number one way to increase resale value? Here at Bullet Automotive, we are all about keeping your car running AND looking like new.

Professional detailing is more than just a car wash and vacuum.


Over time, your car's surface collects contaminants (like bugs, road tar, tree sap, salt) that cannot be removed by standard car washes. Your wheels and tires collect road debris and brake dust. These contaminants, if not removed, can damage your wheels, paint and clear coat. Your car's interior surfaces also collect oils, dirt and grime, especially during dusty, rainy or snowy weather (or if you have pets or little ones, use your car for dirty jobs, do a lot of outdoor activities, etc.)--items that become embedded over time and cannot be removed just by vacuuming.

Our complete detailing services address surface and interior contaminants; recondition trim, rubber, leather and plastic; and restore the look and feel of your vehicle so you can drive with confidence.

Give us a call to schedule your complete interior and exterior detail today!

**Note: All pricing below is base pricing. Complete pricing is dependent on overall vehicle condition and will be assessed at the pre-detail inspection. We never perform services prior to your approval.


  • Deep Clean and Condition of Vinyl Surfaces

  • Deep Clean and Condition of Leather Surfaces

  • Blow out Heater Vents, Cracks and Crevices

  • Clean Interior Windows

  • Clean Storage Area

  • Vacuum Trunk

  • Deep Clean of Floors and Mats

  • Full Hand Wash and Dry

  • Pressure Wash and Degrease Engine Bay

  • Clean Wheels, All Chrome, and Door Jambs

  • Polish to Remove Minor Scratches

  • Tire Shine

  • Clean All Exterior Windows

$200 - 4-Door Sedans or Smaller

$250 - SUVs, Vans & Trucks


  • Clay Bar

  • Decal Removal

  • Insect, Tar and Tree Sap Removal

  • Full Exterior Buff

  • Headlight Restoration

  • Animal Hair Removal

  • Glitter Removal

  • Hazardous Material Removal


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